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How To Stand Out In A Digital 4.0 World

3 pm - 4 pm, Wednesday, 27th October 2021

Transform into the perfect digital brand for your customers and expand your presence!

The global pandemic has greatly accelerated the digitalisation of many industries. In this new digital norm, do you struggle to get customers to notice your brand and find it harder to generate sales? It might be time to rework your brand strategy to fit into new digital patterns and behaviours.

Building brand awareness is a vital investment for any business that wants long-lasting growth. Creating a relevant image and message of your brand can give your business a chance to win customers. And in this new digitised world, getting noticed has never been more important.

As part of our Launchpad Accelerator Series this month, join us on this exciting live webinar with Roberto Cumaraswamy, Digital Marketing Consultant, who will be sharing fresh insights on branding and digital marketing 4.0 for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to give brands more visibility, relevance, leads and sales in today's digital world.


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The Missing Link In Paid Advertising

3 pm - 4 pm, Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Grow your business by driving quality leads with paid advertising.

What happens when you have a strategy that isn’t bringing in qualified leads as planned? What else can you do? You might have heard of it, but how well do you know of this brilliant lead generation method — paid advertising.

Paid advertising can be a valuable lead generation tool, yet it is still underestimated by marketers.

Check out our upcoming webinar to learn how you can use paid advertising to grow your followers and beat your competition. Learn about the VCO framework that will bring in interested clients or followers, grow your business and many more!

In this 60-minute session, you’ll learn: 

  • What is a brand and why it is more important today, to succeed online.
  • The 2 big mistakes companies make when it comes to branding for their customers.
  • Learn about the power of Brand storytelling and how it can be used.
  • Develop strategies that will engage your customers and lead to higher conversion.
You’ll walk away from this webinar with a new perspective on how to clarify and amplify your digital brand, transforming you into the brand of choice for your customers.
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Roberto Cumaraswamy

Digital Marketing Consultant

Meet Roberto Cumaraswamy, one of  "Top 100 inspirational LinkedIn icons in Malaysia" to follow!

A Marketing Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Interviewer, with over 23 years of experience at a senior management level across range of industries and companies. He helps businesses and subject matter experts grow through better branding, digital marketing and brand storytelling.

He speaks and trains on the following marketing related topics: digital & social media marketing, content marketing, ecommerce marketing, employer branding & personal branding and brand storytelling.

Over his career he has built and led marketing teams from 5 to 25 people at these companies in Malaysia and Indonesia: Celcom, XL Axiata, LÓreal, British American Tobacco, IMU (International Medical University, Vocanic, LUX Asia Pacific, KFIT & Lazada.



3:00 PM

Short Introduction

3:10 PM

Speaker presentation

Learn more from Roberto as he shares fresh insights and tips on How To Stand Out In A Digital 4.0 World today.

3:45 PM

Q&A session



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